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We proudly use Farmhouse Fresh Goods (Naturals & Organics), Glo SkinBeauty (Clean & Clinical), Footlogix (Diabetic safe), Gelish, Morgan Taylor and Honeycomb Wax. We are happy to say each of our lines is cruelty free.

All pricing listed is at our Level 1 pricing. Prices vary by technician. We want to accommodate your individual needs, pampering and budgetary desires.

Hands & Feet

Salon Manicure | $45 

Gentle cuticle care, nail shaping, polish, hand & arm massage and hot towel wash.

Crème de la Crème Treatment Manicure | $55

This nourishing personalized hand & arm treatment includes a thorough salon manicure, gentle salt or sugar scrub, treatment mask, individualized serum, heated mitts and a relaxing massage.

BioSculpture Soft Gel Overlay | $65

Damage free alternative to other gels or hybrid gel or acrylic. Overlay your natural nail for added strength and flexibility. Grow strong healthy nails with added protection.

BioSculpture Refresh | $47

2-3 week maintenance to keep your nails looking perfect. Add $5 over 3 weeks.

Groom & Zoom Sports Pedicure | $45

For those on the fly! Soak, trim, smooth and moisturize. No massage, no fluff. 30 mins

Footlogix Wellness Pedicure | $60

Start with our Anti-Microbial, PH balanced, gentle cleansing & moisturizing soak using Urea and Aloe Vera to rehydrate and soften, Exfoliate with the highest grade seaweed micro grain pumice and essential oils, proper toe nail grooming for healthy feet, non-invasive yet effective callous care, light foot and leg massage and polish of your choice. Our Wellness pedicure is safe and beneficial for diabetics and other sensitivities. Footlogix is the first and only Pediceutical line in the U.S. 45-60 mins

Signature Farmhouse Fresh Pedicure | $85

Our most requested service! Not just a Pedicure but an Experience! Close your eyes and envision sitting on a big wrap around porch on the farm while enjoying the benefits of our seasonal natural products made with care from the Farmhouse Fresh farm in Texas. Relax in our comfy recliner, cozy up with a fluffy blanket while soaking in our copper basin filled with a bath milk, oil or tea . Proper toe nail grooming, gentle cuticle care, non-invasive yet effective callous smoothing, exfoliation with sea salt, sugar or shea scrub, hydrating and soothing mask, Lie back and take a nap after your feet are glazed in raw honey and papaya fruit cells and enveloped in warm heated booties. Invigorate your blood flow with a wonderful foot and leg massage followed up with a warm towel cocoon. Finish it off with your favorite toe color. Pure bliss! 90 mins     

Hand & Arm Anti-aging or Stress Relief Treatment (no manicure included) | $25

Add-on service

Butter Me Up Hand or Foot Treatment | $15

Add-on service to any of our hand or foot treatments

Gel Polish | $15

Add-on service to any of our hand or foot treatments

Gel Polish Removal | $15

Included if we applied it

Nail Repair | $7

Add-on service

Face & Body

Just Checking In | $50

Mini-facial for those on-the-go. Great before a special event to freshen up for that radiant look. 20 mins

Crème De La Creme Signature Facial | $90

Drift away from everyday stressors as you experience an aromatic journey. Our technician will assess your skin and discuss with you the treatment for your specific needs using our natural Farmhouse Fresh skincare straight from the farm. This treatment includes double cleansing, gentle exfoliation, hot towels and/or steam, extractions as needed, face, neck and shoulder massage. Hand & arm butter me up treatment , smoothing lip service treatment, nourishing mask, toner, serum, moisturizer, SPF, eye cream. Finishing with a hot towel compress to your back and shoulders. 50mins

Glo Botanical Treatment Facial | $100

Personalized result driven treatment to address your unique skincare needs. Glo is a clean and clinically proven skincare that our technicians will use to tailor a ritual just for you. Includes a deep hydrating Hand & Arm Butter Me Up Treatment This treatment pairs great with one of our Glo peels. 50mins

Dermeleuxx Facial | $140

Our Dermeleuxx Facial is the latest innovative treatment in skin care technology. Great for anti-aging, super hydration, skin brightening and tightening. Hydro Dermabrasion vacuum technology, provides a crystal free alternative for effective exfoliation, Cryo Tightening for face and neck anti-aging and an Oxygen Infusion treatment to soothe and moisturize by infusing active ingredient serums chosen for your skin type. 50 mins 

Sonosilk Facial | $100 

Recommended for acneic skin. Clean, exfoliate, extract & rejuvenate! Our Sonosilk Facial uses high frequency ultrasonic vibrators to penetrate and exfoliate the upper layer of skin. At 28,000 vibrations per second, high-speed oscillators help to extract extra sebum and blackheads with no trauma to the skin at all! This treatment gently cleanses, leaving your skin fresh and smooth. The Sonosilk also uses a blue LED light to help treat acne and inflamed skin. Included is a detoxifying mask, active ingredient serums, moisture treatment and SPF 40+. 50 mins

Honey Lavender Body Glow | $150

Experience a nourishing whole body salty scrub down with an antioxidant-rich magnolia flower honey infusion followed by a steeped coconut milk light massage fragranced with dreamy notes of lavender. With the lingering scrumptiousness, you’ll be the breeze that floats out the door. 50 mins

5 Herbs & Honey Milk Wrap | $175

Reinvigorate your soul and your skin with this smoothing, succulent wrap & light massage. New life is breathed into skin once stimulated with a dry brush. A compress of steaming lavender hibiscus mineral towels infused with organic teas and flower petals, then your painted with a raw honey and live papaya fruit cell glaze and wrapped in linens while enjoying your choice of a scalp or hand and arm massage and steaming towel foot cocoon. The finale is a gentle massage incorporating Lavender Mint Julep shea butter and a drop of Citrus Cilantro oil, to awaken and nourish the skin. 80mins

Cactus Toning Body Treatment | $175

Limb by Limb you will be cloaked in steaming nectar milk towels after skin is dry brushed for a smoothing exfoliation. Next, a firming Cactus gel warms and tones skin as you rest in cozy layers of linens and enjoy your choice of a scalp or hand and arm massage and steaming towel foot cocoon. A refreshing, non-greasy Agave Nectar light massage brings a smooth end to this treatment. 80mins

Back Treatment | $70

Everything in a facial but for the back! Great to exfoliate and hydrate dead, dry skin or calm and deep cleanse back acne. Extractions if needed. Perfect for anyone. 30 mins

Lip Service | $10

(Add-on service) A delicious treat! Scrub away dry skin, moisturize and nourish the lips leaving them kissably soft. Included in our Crème de la Crème Facial

Butter Me Up Hand or Foot | $15

(Add-on service) Heated mitts or booties envelope nourishing Shea or Honey butter balm to deeply hydrate dry, rough skin. The heat assists in comforting sore achy muscles. Our alternative to petroleum based paraffin. Included in our Crème de la Crème & Glow Facials.

Herbal Stress Relief Press | $20 face $25 back & body

(Add-on service) Add a hot herbal compress to your face, back or body treatments to soothe muscles, aids in anti-inflammatory pain relief and stimulates the senses. Great added to a facial for sinus pressure. After your treatment it is yours to take home for added enjoyment.

Chocolate Citrus Decolotte’ Treatment | $15

(Add-on) Smooth and brighten the delicate skin of the decolette’ with intoxicating notes of chocolate and refreshing citrus

CBD Hi Bio Hemp or Organic | $10

(Add-on) We care about your preferences, if you are gluten intolerant or strict vegan please let us know so we can choose the perfect treatment for you.

Long Island Iced Tea Retinol | $20

(Add-on) Recommended for hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Double cleanse, extractions, non-invasive chemical exfoliation, concentrated retinol application and SPF 40+.

Microdermabrasion | $25

(Add-on) Traditional gentle non invasive crystalline resurfacing treatment.

Smooth it Over Fruit Acid Peel | $10

(Add-on) 15% blend of Natural exfoliating Alpha hydroxy acids. Dramatically renews skins vibrance, leaving it ridiculously smooth and glowing. Farmhouse Illumination or Dermodality Pumpkin Enzyme peel.

Glo Peels | $30

You and your technician will work together to determine which Glo peel is right for you.

Pro-5- Versatile chemical exfoliant blended with five  alpha and poly hydroxy acids leaving skin clearer, invigorated and glowing. Both gentle and effective with no down time. Appropriate for sensitive skin.

Flower Enzyme- Hibiscus flower and pumpkin ficin smooths and revitalizes . Gently removing superficial dead skin cells, stimulates and tones while providing antioxidant protection. Appropriate for all skin types, except extremely sensitive.

Glypro Resurfacing- Repairs and regenerates skin. Versatile and fast acting acid exfoliant effectively aiding in oily, problematic skin. Improves appearance of fine lines and uneven tone and texture. Appropriate for most skin types.

Enzyme- 5% Salicylic acid, Papain and Bromelain. Designed for oily or congested skin prone to breakouts. This chemical exfoliant smooths skins surface by breaking down and removing keratinized skin cell build up. Antioxidants cranberry and pomegranate provide anti-inflammatory and nourishing benefits

Hair Removal

We use all natural HoneyComb Wax. Contains no harsh plastics or chemicals. Free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrance. This gentle low temperature yet effective wax sticks to the hair not your skin. Ask your technician about home care products for long lasting results.

Brow Shape & Design | $25

Brow Maintenance | $20

(3-4 weeks)

Bikini Classic | $35

Brazilian | $50

Lip | $12

Chin | $12

Ears | $12

Sides of Face | $20

Underarms | $35

Back | $50

Chest & Stomach | $75

Full Arm | $55

Arm (Elbow down) | $35

Lower Leg (Knee down) | $45


Proudly using Farmhouse Fresh, Footlogix and Bio Sculpture products.