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All prices listed start at associate level pricing.


Gel Manicure

Gentle cuticle care, nail shaping, gel polish, & hand and arm massage.


Salon Manicure

Gentle cuticle care, nail shaping, polish, & hand and arm massage. 


BioSculpture Soft Gel Overlay

Damage free alternative to other gels or hybrid gel. Grow strong healthy nails with added protection.


BioSculpture Refresh

2-4 week maintenance to keep your nails looking perfect.


Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

(Add-on) AHA Peel to smooth & brighten age spots followed by a hydrating mask to help diminish lines, lightening serum and relaxing hand massage with highly humectant cream.


Gel Polish

Add-on service


Nail Repair

Add-on service



Groom & Zoom Sports Pedicure

For those on the fly! Soak, trim, smooth and moisturize. No massage, no fluff.


Footlogix Wellness Pedicure

Start with our Anti-Microbial, PH balanced, gentle cleansing & moisturizing soak using Urea and Aloe Vera to rehydrate and soften, Exfoliate with the highest grade seaweed,micrograin pumice and essential oils, proper toe nail grooming for healthy feet, non-invasive yet effective callous care, light foot and leg massage and polish of your choice. Our Wellness pedicure is safe and beneficial for diabetics and other sensitivities. Footlogix is the first and only Pediceutical line in the U.S.


Signature Farmhouse Fresh Pedicure

Not just a Pedicure but an Experience! Close your eyes and envision sitting on a big wrap around porch on the farm while enjoying the smells and benefits of our seasonal natural products made with care from the Farmhouse Fresh farm in Texas. Relax in our comfy recliner, cozy up with a fluffy blanket while soaking in our copper basin filled with a bath milk ,oil or tea . Proper toe nail grooming, gentle cuticle care, non-invasive yet effective callous smoothing, exfoliation with sea salt, sugar or shea scrub, hydrating and smoothing mask, then enveloped in a warm honey cocoon followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage and toe color of choice.



Experience the benefits and amazing aromas of nature. We proudly use Farmhouse Fresh products straight from the farm in Texas to bring you safe non-invasive skin care. 

Just Checking In

Mini-facial for those on-the-go. Great before a special event to freshen up for that radiant look.


Farmhouse Fresh Facial

Our technician will assess your skin and discuss with you the treatment for your specific needs. This treatment includes double cleansing, gentle exfoliation, hot towels and/or steam, extractions if needed, massage, mask, toner, moisturizer and eye cream


Let's Clear it Up

Recommended for currently acneic skin. Double cleanse, extractions, non-invasive chemical exfoliation, detoxifying mask, active ingredient serums, moisture treatment and SPF 40+.


Firm it Up

Recommended for dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Double cleanse, extractions, massage, non-invasive chemical exfoliation, phyto firming mask, active ingredient serums, cryotightening, moisture treatment and SPF 40+.


Creme de la Creme Signature Upper Hand Facial

It's the Creme de la Creme! All the wonderful components of our Farmhouse Facial and much more. Add more massage, a Butter Me Up hand treatment for deep hydration and comfort, our replenishing, smoothing Lip Service Treatment, and our Crow Catcher eye defense serum all while wrapped up in a fresh fluffy blanket on a nice warm treatment table.


*NEW* Dermeleuxx Facial     (Liquid Dermabrasion)

Our Dermeluxx Facial is the latest innovative treatment in skin care technology & an excellent crystal free alternative to microdermabrasion. This treatment is non-invasive with the use of vacuum technology to draw in skin tissue to clean and deliver active serums chosen for your skin type. This treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and generally non-irritating with immediate results. Great for anti-aging, super hydration, anti-acne, skin brightening and tightening, neck rejuvenation and hand revival. Consultation included to determine the best course of treatment for you!


*NEW* Sonosilk Facial

Clean, exfoliate, extract & rejuvenate! Our Sonosilk Facial uses high frequency ultrasonic vibrators to penetrate and exfoliate the upper layer of skin. At 28,000 vibrations per second, high-speed oscillators help to extract extra sebum and blackheads with no trauma to the skin at all! This treatment gently cleanses, leaving your skin fresh and smooth. The Sonosilk also uses a blue LED light to help treat acne and inflamed skin.  


*For optimum results a series of Dermeluxx and Sonosilk Facials and personalized home care is recommended.

Long Island Iced Tea Treatment

Recommended for hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Double cleanse, extractions, non-invasive chemical exfoliation, concentrated retinol application and SPF 40+.


Oxygen Infusion Treatment

Recommended for dull, dry or dehydrated skin. Double cleanse, enzyme treatment, extractions, oxygen and active ingredient serum infusion, moisture treatment and SPF 40+.


TCA Peel

Recommended for previous peel clients ONLY. Please contact the spa and speak with your esthetician for details on this service.

$150 a la cart

$400 series of 3


Gentle non invasive resurfacing treatment. Includes cleansing, tonic, moisturizing and sun care.


Back Treatment

Everything in a facial but for the back! Great to exfoliate and hydrate dead, dry skin or calm and deep cleanse back acne.


Smooth it Over Fruit Acid Peel

(Add-on) It’s glow time! 15% blend of Natural exfoliating Alpha hydroxy acids. Dramatically renews skins vibrance, leaving it ridiculously smooth. 


Lip Service

(Add-on) A delicious treat! Scrub away dry skin, moisturize and nourish the lips leaving them kissably soft. 


Butter Me Up Hand or Foot

(Add-on) Heated mitts or booties envelope nourishing Shea or Honey butter balm to deeply hydrate dry, rough skin. The heat assists in comforting sore achy muscles. Our alternative to petroleum based paraffin.



(Add-on) Add to your facial for an instant non-invasive mini face lift.


Oxygen Infusion

(Add-on) Add to your facial for instantly plumped, moisturized and youthful skin.



Brow Shape & Design


Brow Maintenance 

(3-4 weeks)


Bikini Classic










Sides of Face






Chest & Stomach


Full Arm


Arm (Elbow down)


Lower Leg (Knee down)



Proudly using Farmhouse Fresh, Footlogix and Bio Sculpture products.